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Acquiring NY Editors, List Building

Agents, and Award Winning Authors-

Want a critique with an agent or editor? Haven’t gotten one at your last conference or workshop for one reason or another? This special offer is for you.

Do you want feedback from an award winning author?  Have you admired their work for years and wondered what advice they’d share on you manuscript?  This special offer is for you.

You can have a full picture book manuscript critique or the first 10 pages.

Right now, we are featuring one editor and one author. Not only can you get the feedback you’ve been craving, if your work is there, you can possibly have a door open that you haven’t been able to penetrate.

Don’t have the funds right now but still want a critique?  You are in luck.  We are offering a scholarship critique.  Please send a short request to explaining why you should be picked for the free critique.

Thank you and best of luck!

Guideline for submitting for Critique

Featured Editor:

Katie Heit, Editor Cartwheel/ Orchard Books, Scholastic Inc.

Please email Allyson Levitt at to get your critique slot.

About the Editor:


Katie Heit


Katie Heit is a picture book editor at Scholastic Books where she edits nonfiction picture books and chapter books, as well as select fiction picture book titles. She works with many nonfiction authors, including Sandra Markle, Dean Robbins, and Nick Seluk, among others. She is drawn to books that approach nonfiction in a unique, kid-friendly way and is especially on the lookout for nature and STEAM topics.