– from 2019 Beachside Nonfiction Writer’s Retreat –

If you’re looking for some concrete information on what Nonfiction is all about, then the NF Retreat is the place to be.  The line up was spectacular! outstanding! a rare gathering, and definitely well worth the money. Not only was it chocked full of fabulous nuggets, but we were able to meet, eat and talk with editors, well known authors and the agent. The fee also included a critique with an editor or agent of our choice :>) Super for avoiding the slush pile :>) I highly recommend attending. But know that it’s up to you to gleen what you want. Be prepared for early rising and a full weekend!  I loved it all :>) Patricia Saunders

What a fantastic event! The Beachside Nonfiction Retreat brought together an all-star cast of editors and experts, in a great location and with a supportive spirit of learning and encouragement. It was fascinating to learn the stories behind the creation of exemplary books in the field—and so helpful to learn about aspects of craft for initiating and revising nonfiction projects.  — Elizabeth Shreeve

I learned so much about the current state of the children’s nonfiction (particularly picture book) market! This combo of workshops and editor presentations embraced writers at all stages of their journey, but I especially appreciated the chance to talk shop with other published/publishing authors….Cheers, Sylvia

I highly recommend Edit and Get It’s Beachside Nonfiction Retreat with Candace Fleming & Jennifer Swanson. What a treat to attend incredible programs by Candy and Jenn and learn from the best names in our industry! If you love writing non-fiction, it’s a rare treat to find a conference dedicated exclusively to that genre. The retreat included a variety of programs presented by highly regarded editors in the industry–with a special appearance from the legendary Neal Porter, now with Holiday House. The talent at the program was top-notch and the beachside setting and fabulous hotel did not disappoint. Allyson Levitt did a great job coordinating the conference and thought of every detail to make our stay comfortable.    —–Eileen Meyer, conference attendee

The Edit and Get It Nonfiction retreat was the highlight of my year! This retreat provided advanced workshops designed to help experienced authors improve their craft. It was truly a next-level experience! As a published author, I am always looking for workshops that focus on craft and improving my skills. This retreat delivered!  If you are looking to advance your career, develop your craft, and connect with fellow writers – THIS is the retreat for you! I will be back.Thank you Jennifer and Allyson! — Stephanie Bearce 

Held at a gorgeous beachside resort in the picturesque town of Atlantic Beach, the Nonfiction Retreat was everything I dreamed it would be. The editors on faculty provided terrific insights into, and the behind-the-scenes of, the publishing world.  –Teresa Robeson


We, like you, are writers.

We know the toil, the frustration, and the joy that goes along with bringing a work of prose into the world. We understand what it’s like to dust off the sting of rejection and continue working toward a dream only you can see. We also know the difference constructive feedback and kind encouragement can make —on the work and on the writer.

Whether it’s a picture book, a middle grade or young adult novel, or a work of non-fiction, we can help you make your work the best it can be.

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We are grateful for the success of our 2019 Beachside Nonfiction Writers Retreat and look forward to seeing all of you in 2021.

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May 3-5, 2019

in Atlantic Beach, FL

with Candace Fleming & Jennifer Swanson,


seven Editors and an Agent.